St. Ann's Youth and Family Mission

Dates: June 2nd - 9th

Rising 9th - 12th grade and families

Cost: $1000​ - Partial scholarships are available - Contact Paul Ruff at or 865-696-6584.


How to sign up:

  1. Click Here to fill out an application.

  2. Check your email. We'll contact you within 48 hours to let you know if you've got a spot.

  3. Pay the deposit. Once the deposit is paid your spot on the trip is confirmed.


You must also fill out a release form for each participant.

Click Here for Youth Release Form (under 18)

Click Here for Adult Release Form (18 and over)

The total cost of the trip is $1000 per person based on double occupancy. A $250 deposit is due at the time of registration. The remaining $750 is due before we leave. We have a limit of 30 spots this year. Register now to make sure you get a place! If you have questions or need more information contact Paul Ruff at


St. Ann's Information:

St. Ann's Church is located in Mott Haven in the South Bronx, one of the poorest neighborhoods in the United States. St. Ann's runs a number of community outreach programs including an afterschool care program. Each year, while the St. Ann's afterschool staff is in Knoxville for training, several adults and youth from St. John's fill in for their staff. St. Ann's is dedicated to improving the lives of the children in their program. They provide a safe place for children to go after school, help with their homework, a place to play, and adults that care about them. The St. John's youth and adults who go on the mission trip help fill these roles for a week, do building maintenance and yard work, and most importantly form friendships with the children of St. Ann's. Although we are only there for one week out of the whole year this experience changes how we live for the other 51 weeks.


What do we do at St. Ann's?

Our main job at St. Ann's is to help run their after school program while the people who usually run it are at the Alex Haley Farm in Tennessee for training. By going to help that week we enable the program to stay open. We pick up the kids from several schools within walking distance, help them with homework, and play with them when they are done. We also do building and grounds maintenance during some of the days we are there. In the past this has included painting, cleaning, organizing, and yard work.


Who is eligible to go?

This trip is open to rising ninth graders through high school and parents who wish to be chaperones. Younger children may attend if accompanied by a parent. Preference is given to members of St. John's.


What are the accommodations?

We will be staying at the West Side YMCA, across the street from Central Park. The YMCA has a 24-hour guard at the front desk that checks the room keys of guests. The rooms are small but clean, and we don't spend much time in them. Each room has a set of bunk beds, a desk with drawers and chair, a closet, and a television that gets different channels depending on the room. The rooms have heaters and window air conditioners. Doors to the rooms do lock automatically, so take your key card when you leave. There will be two people to a room; if you have a roommate request please let us know. We will be on a floor with private bathrooms. The bathrooms are down the hall and can be accessed with your key card. Please remember to LOCK THE DOOR after you enter, they do not lock automatically, and members of our groups in past years have both walked in on people and been walked in on. We suggest knocking before entering a bathroom even if it is unlocked.



We eat really well on this trip. Usually we eat at restaurants that have options for all diets. If you have food allergies or special needs please let us know, no one ever needs to be hungry on this trip!



To and From NYC: We're flying this year! An exact time to meet at the airport will be decided soon. An itinerary with that kind of information will be distributed to each participant before our departure.

In NYC: We take the subway, buses, and do a lot of walking! We always travel in groups with a mix of adults and youth.


What else do we do?

It's New York! We spend time sightseeing, shopping, and eating at fantastic restaurants. In the past we have seen Broadway plays, baseball games, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, museums, and much more. If you have any suggestions for things to do please let us know.


What are my responsibilities?


Before the Trip:

We expect every person that goes on the trip to be involved in some events at St. John's prior to the trip. These are specifically mission related fundraisers. Attending these events is important because it helps attendees form a group and it raises awareness among the parishioners who donate. Dates, times, and locations of these events will be announced soon.


On the Trip:

Each mission attendee is responsible for obeying the community covenant that everyone signs on the release form. We expect good, group oriented behavior from everyone. Know that traveling with a group requires some compromise. While we are working at St. Ann's we follow the dress code that they have set for the kids. If your clothing is deemed to be inappropriate for St. Ann's you will be required to change into appropriate clothing.


What does the trip cost?

The cost per person for the trip this year is $1000. A $250 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration and the remaining $750 will be due before we leave. The actual cost for the trip per person is considerably higher, but we are able to lower it through fundraising. This price includes everything except spending money. Transportation, hotel, food, and any fees for activities are included.


Dress Code for St. Ann's

  • No short shorts

  • Bermuda shorts, cargo shorts & capri's are all acceptable

  • Shorts must come down below your fully extended fingertips

  • No spaghetti straps, bare midriffs, or low cut shirts

  • No sagging

  • No advertising for drugs or alcohol

When we are not working at St. Ann's we do not have any specific dress code.

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