Congratulations Confirmation Class of 2014!

Many thanks to Bishop Young for a special Sunday morning. Seventeen youth and 8 adults were confirmed October 19.

Congratulations to Adults: Daniel Judge, David Wilds, Tina Hunter, Chad Gay, Samantha Carithers, Tondra Pippin, Tucker Gentry, and Rebekah Ramos

and Youth: Sydney Grace Broussard, Matthew Christopher Cone, Ellis Poplin Gentry, Emma Kathleen Gilbert, Emma Catherine Harris, David Camden Jones, Tristan Edward MacFawn, Bethany Carlson Moon, David Wheeler Moon IV, Elizabeth Claire (Libby) Penn, Andrew Ryan Preston, Myles Anthony Rasnick, Laura Anne Shatara, Carson Payne Slagle, Drew Elise Venable, James Samuel Werner, and Clara Gail Zion

The Youth Confirmands put together a list of their beliefs:

Twenty One Things We Believe

The Confirmation Class of 2014

We believe…

  • God is in everything and everyone, good and bad

  • Jesus is in everyone

  • Jesus died for us

  • Christians should spread God’s message

  • We should love our neighbors as ourselves

  • Everyone should strive for equality

  • Everyone should strive for peace

  • Everyone is in need in some way

  • Christians should help those in need

  • Everyone should be grateful

  • Everyone deserves a good education

  • Everyone can love

  • Hate is a cause for love

  • We should respect our elders

  • We should not judge others

  • We should be forgiving of others

  • The environment is sacred

  • Material things can’t make someone truly happy

  • You never truly die

  • Peace is understanding

  • God wants us to enjoy life


Click Here for more photos.

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