“I Pledge” - A Message from Dean John Ross

November 18, 2014

I hope you have been watching our videos on the topic, “I Pledge.” I appreciate all who have participated and thank everyone for the creativity and inspiration. I am inspired! Pledging may not be your pattern of participating in church, but it is a principle that has kept St. John’s strong and vibrant for over 160 years. So, I ask three things: 

1)   Join Lois and me and make a pledge to St. John’s.

2)   If you made a pledge last year, increase your pledge this year.

3)   Consider following the Bible and join the clergy, staff, and leadership in tithing.


Tithing comes from the Bible and it means one tenth – God asks us to commit ourselves to give one tenth of our time, talent, creativity, energy, money, and anything that is within our storehouse of gifts to give back to God and to the work of God’s Kingdom. St. John’s is very blessed. This year pledge and give out of thanksgiving! Give in thanksgiving for our life together, the people that are with us on this faith journey, the amazing talent of so many doing so much for our church and community, and for God leading and guiding us in our personal lives.


God Bless You,

Dean John Ross+


Check out our I Pledge videos:


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