Please Welcome New Music Associate, Eunjin “E.J.” Choi

January 27, 2015

Eunjin Choi and her family have been in Knoxville for about three years. E.J. had been serving at various churches as a substitute organist until accepting the Music Associate position at the Cathedral. Raised in South Korea in her closely-knit Christian family, E.J. says that playing sacred music and working in a church seems like a natural progression of her faith. “Music integrates and inspires and helps us to grow in our faith. But hymn singing is more about the people sharing in the preaching to themselves and one another,” she says of church music. E.J. first came to the states to study Organ at University of Iowa, under Dr. Disselhorst, where she earned her first of two Master’s degrees. Newly married she then attended Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus OH, earning an MA in Church Music while her husband, Hyun Kim, pursued his PhD in Geography at Ohio State. E. J. served as an organist at several churches throughout Iowa, Ohio, and Florida. The month after graduating from Trinity she gave birth to their now 9-year-old daughter, Eyrin. Hyun, E. J., and Eyrin are engrained in their Korean Church in Farragut, where they have a very dear community of friends who are like family, as all of their relatives are still in South Korea. They also live in a neighborhood that fosters their sense of community and deep, abiding friendships. Much of their free time as a family is spent nurturing these connections through sharing time and meals with dear friends. The three also enjoy reading and playing tennis together. 


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