St. John’s Partners with Green Magnet STEAM Academy – End of Year


Why were there lots of happy faces, big eyes, and big smiles on Wednesday, April 20 when St. John’s Cathedral observed the last day of school for the children at Green Magnet School? Because your parish, in conjunction with Papa John’s provided a pizza and juice party. This was a surprise for the children, and they LOVED it! Many folks from SJC were on hand to help orchestrate the chaos. It’s hard to say who had more fun—the kids, the staff watching the kids, or our volunteers. Also, kudos to Tommy Siler for thinking up this idea and the next one you’ll read about.

And here is the next one: On Thursday, April 21, we (your St. John’s community) provided lunch just for the staff at the Green Magnet School. Salsarita’s catered it and there was a huge selection of favorite Mexican fare. The Greater Schools Partnership staff was there along with the Green Magnet staff. Once again, many volunteers from St. John’s made the time and commitment to go and help set everything up, help serve everyone, and then clean up. The teachers really appreciated being feted! Those of you who have no experience of a classroom other than sitting in one probably have no idea of how mentally and emotionally exhausting it can be to work with children day in and day out. Often, unfortunately, their efforts are taken for granted. So they were very happy to have been overtly appreciated!

Things at Green Magnet will be quiet for a couple of months, but lots will be happening in the background—both for the school and for us at St. John’s. We have labeled our volunteering as a Beta test and are now ready to join with the Great Schools Partnership to tweak processes and small details based on feedback from both the school and our volunteers. We are so delighted that everyone at the school sincerely feels that our efforts have made a significant difference in the children’s lives. And, we have just begun this wonderful ministry.

We will be having orientation meetings sometime during the summer. Please prayerfully consider whether this is a ministry where you could serve. There is so much need and the rewards are great! We have “Room for You!”

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